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Photo of Charis Santillie's dog, Heidi, reading the Daily Dog newspaper, with speech bubble
Photo of Charis Santillie's dog, Heidi, reading the Daily Dog newspaper, with speech bubble

Featured Interviews/Webinars: Financial Services Industry

Featured Interviews/Webinars: 
Financial Services Industry

BEI (Business Enterprise Institute) Webinar for Exit Planners:
Find their Way after Exit Day — Help your clients design their post-sale lives
>> Watch Webinar


MCM Wealth podcast:
Finding Fulfillment Beyond the Business with Charis Santillie
>> Listen to Podcast 


Your Business, Your Life podcast with Matt DiFrancesco, High Lift Financial:
Episodes 79 & 80 Transform Your Life and Business Through Self-Awareness and Mental Fitness with Charis Santillie
>> Listen to Podcast Part 1 or Watch Video
>> Listen to Podcast Part 2 or Watch Video


You Don't Know What You Don't Know podcast with Steve Denny, Innovative Business Advisors:
Podcast Interview with Charis Santillie, Life Balance & Transition Coach, Charis Your Life
>> Listen to Podcast 


BBP (Business Brokerage Press) Webinar for Business Brokers:
Referral Revolution — From Unhappy Sellers to Satisfied Referrers
Help business owners navigate the emotional aspect of business exits so they don't regret their decision.
>> Watch Webinar


Other Featured Interviews, Articles, and Highlights

Authority Magazine: Charis Santillie of Charis Your Life On How Busy Leaders Create Equilibrium or Balance Between Their Work and Family Lives
>> Read Interview & Watch Short Video


CEO Blog Nation: 30 Entrepreneurs Explain What They Love About Being an Entrepreneur
>> Read Article (Charis' section is #11)


Untethered Podcast with Jen Liss: How to go from Busy to Balanced – with Charis Santillie
>> Listen to Podcast


Say YES to Yourself! Podcast with Wendy Harrop: Saying Yes to Empowering Yourself Today with Charis Santillie
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My Bio

Charis Santillie is the founder of Charis Your Life®, Fearless Transitions Coach, speaker, and podcast host. She is a multi-faceted professional with over three decades of entrepreneurial experience and is a Certified Fearless Living® Coach, Certified Fearless Trainer, and Positive Intelligence® Trainer.

A hot air balloon accident when Charis was nineteen left her Dad paralyzed with a broken neck and her Mom struggling with alcoholism. Charis managed her internal crisis by becoming a workaholic, giving her the illusion of safety and control. This accident became the catalyst that led Charis to a journey of dramatic healing and her calling to become a coach.

Charis specializes in guiding entrepreneurs, doctors, and financial advisors to become the Chief Emotional Officers™ of their lives as they face personal and professional transitions. She helps them live with passion, clarity, and purpose as they navigate life's seasons.

Fun Facts: Embodying her belief in resiliency, Charis sparked her fearless spirit by skydiving just one year after her family’s accident. Her furry assistant, a 5-lb Havapoo named Heidi, can be found napping on her desk during coaching calls.

More of My Story

Go here to watch a 5-minute video of me sharing my story (or you can read more about it there, too).

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Illustration of Charis Santillie reading a magazine, with her dog beside her

Behind the Scenes

That's our 5-lb Havapoo, Heidi, in the top photo. (But yes, a little Photoshop magic was applied...I pulled out my tools from the days when I was a graphic designer to create that fun image.)

Heidi reminds me every day to sniff around for joy and find ways to bring play into everything!