Photo of Charis Santillie's dog, Heidi, reading the Daily Dog newspaper, with speech bubble
Photo of Charis Santillie's dog, Heidi, reading the Daily Dog newspaper, with speech bubble
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My Bio

Charis Santillie is a Life Balance & Transition Coach and host of the Charis Your Life® podcast. She is also a speaker, Certified Fearless Living® Coach, Certified Fearless Trainer, and Positive Intelligence® Trainer and has been an entrepreneur for over twenty years. A hot air balloon accident when Charis was nineteen left her Dad paralyzed with a broken neck and led her Mom to become an alcoholic. Charis managed her internal crisis by staying ridiculously busy. She now helps high achievers go from Busy to Balanced.™ Charis believes that you can live the life you REALLY want without the nagging guilt, fear of judgment, or sacrificing your health and sense of purpose.

Charis’ program has glowing reviews from her global clients, with 94% saying she met or exceeded their expectations. She has spent the past ten years exploring personal development and healing modalities from the spiritual to the scientific. In her Charis Your Life podcast (which hit the Top 40 in U.S. Entrepreneurship and the Top 200 in U.S. Business on Apple Podcasts, plus Top Charts in 6 countries) and Life’s a Hoot blog, she shares lessons from her own experiences. She can be followed on Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, TikTok, YouTube, and Pinterest. Charis is known for providing actionable steps and deep inspiration that empowers people to overcome inner challenges, finally find more peace of mind, balance their needs and wants, and live a fulfilled life on their terms.

More about My Story

Go here to learn more about me, including a 5-minute video where I share my story (or you can read more about it).

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Illustration of Charis Santillie reading a magazine, with her dog beside her

Behind the Scenes

That's our 4.5 lb Havapoo, Heidi, in the top photo. (But yes, a little Photoshop magic was applied...I pulled out my tools from the days when I was a graphic designer to create that fun image.)

Heidi reminds me every day to sniff around for joy and find ways to bring play into everything!