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Busy to Balanced™ Program
Balance Your Mind™ Program

Private Coaching

"I feel in control of my life more than I ever have. I carry less guilt and fear and I'm more productive"

"Before working with Charis, I was feeling overwhelmed and stuck, without enjoying what I was doing or knowing how to change it. I knew I needed a change but was afraid to change anything... Charis helped me understand the root causes of why I was stuck where I was, and shared useful and user-friendly tools to help me address my fears going forward. Charis is gifted at relating and educating in a way that is natural and empowering. The tools I learned feel commonsense but are not something I would have thought of on my own. To think I could have gone my whole life without the knowledge and insight gained from Charis’ coaching! I feel in control of my life more than I ever have. I carry less guilt and fear and I’m more productive. How is that possible? Ask Charis!"

Christine, Attorney

"such an incredible coach"

"Charis has been such an incredible coach to work with. I didn’t know what to expect doing life coaching at first and I’m so glad I did it. I have noticed a huge difference in my relationship with my wife, friends, family, and work acquaintances. It really makes you be honest with yourself which is what you need to grow and progress... Charis has always made me feel 100% comfortable sharing what is on my mind and has helped me work through things I had no idea were even obstacles in my life! I highly recommend working with her if you are looking to achieve more freedom and to live more fearlessly."

Trevor W., Solar Energy Consultant in AZ

"potent transformation"

"Charis is a kind, patient soul who created a safe place for deep exploration, and this place allowed me to experience potent transformation."

ECS, Yoga Instructor in GA

"I leave sessions feeling lighter and wanting more"

"Charis is a safe, caring, patient shepherd who provides a space for me to be messy and vulnerable. I leave sessions... feeling lighter and wanting more."

Megan V. in CA

"over the span of 40 minutes, she helped me shift"

"I have been extremely fortunate to work with Charis as my private coach for the last year. I have noticed a difference, both short and long-term. There was even a session recently where, over the span of 40 minutes, she helped me shift how I was viewing a problem. I have even been able to share some of her tips with my young children. If you are considering private coaching, I strongly recommend Charis!"

Anjali Singh, Certified Financial Planner™ & Financial Advisor in CA

Busy to Balanced™ Program

Before this program:

"I was unsettled by emotions related to things that normally wouldn't have bothered me. I bought several books to enrich myself, then I came across this course and thought, ‘Wow, this is crazy that this popped up—this is something that I am really looking at for myself.’

I attend personal development trainings regularly and sometimes there are one or two concepts I'll take away, but I don't feel like they've been earth-shattering or new. I've been in business a long time; Prior to being in operations, I was in HR for nineteen years.

I'm also a single mom on top of everything I do at work, so I need to create balance for myself, and I often feel like I'm so busy doing little things, but not really getting anywhere to have long-lasting impact."

2 weeks into the program:

 "I’m so thankful I came across this opportunity! I have received very positive feedback from others and I am enjoying feeling so much more in control of my emotions and getting balanced! Thank you, it’s been life-changing already!!!

   Taliesa Olivares, Logistics Operations Manager in TX

"wonderful tools for anyone who feels stuck"

"I love that this course gave me a mix of spirituality and neuroscience; it provides wonderful tools for anyone who feels stuck and does not know where or how to start. Charis is very caring, patient, and so well prepared. She also has a great voice that is very soothing to listen to."

 Caroline Hynes-Marino, Bookkeeper in CA

"help you navigate in your own personal storm in life"

"This course gives you a better understanding about your world, your inner balance and also provides useful tools for you to use to live a better life. The teacher is very charismatic and knowledgeable; she is open to questions and to help you navigate in your own personal storm in life. It is a lot of content and wisdom gained in time by her, that is delivered to you in a friendly and understandable manner."

 Alina Rotaru in Romania

"I have made more time for myself to do things I enjoy"

"This class really was amazing and the time spent was worth it. I can say that I have made more time for myself to do things I enjoy.

Before this course, I didn't know what PQ reps were. I now incorporate them throughout the day to help my brain shift focus off something that is overwhelming at the time and find my center. I learned how to open my senses, and become aware of my thoughts and saboteurs. Now that I'm aware, I work on breaking those thoughts.

Being a new manager, I felt the need to say yes to everything, whether it was projects, covering other teams, extra tasks, etc. I have to remind myself that I was given this position for a reason and cannot allow myself to burn out. I can still say yes to things, but I am now working to also say no.

I highly recommend the course to all. The tools provided have gone into my toolbox and are very relatable to everyday life."

 Kat Keller, Logistics Coordinator in MI

"I started to organize my time better"

"I really enjoyed this course and learned a lot about myself. The most important thing was that I started to understand why I'm doing some things and why I'm making certain decisions. I started to organize my time better than I used to. The result of this course is that I took a big step in my career and I do not know if I would have done it without you!"

 Aneta Plachtovičová, Lawyer in Czech Republic

"easy, actionable items that were practical to implement"

"This course was well worth the time. I know we are all busy and have a million things going on. Charis shared very easy, actionable items that were practical to implement."

 Anjali Singh, Certified Financial Planner™ & Financial Advisor in CA

"forgiveness finally made easy"

"This course will put so much clarity into your life, into your values, into the directions you are heading. Forgiveness finally made easy, or at least more realistic than all other methods I knew. I will use it with my clients, too. You can reapply these things every time you feel stuck."

Tanya Horynová, Nutrition Advisor & Health Coach in Czech Republic

Balance Your Mind™ Program

"a catalyst for accelerated growth"

"This program with Charis was a catalyst for accelerated growth in my life. Charis is thoughtful, well prepared, and has a wealth of knowledge to share. I felt like The Karate Kid - painting the fence and waxing cars, not quite seeing the big picture at first. With Charis’s guidance, I have been able to build skills that are now a part of my cellular memory. The app segment of the course is intuitive, simple, and the principles taught have universal application. I have seen amazing progress in multiple areas of my life!"

Amy Bowman, Bookkeeper in WA


"This course is practical, thoughtful, and easy to implement. It was not a large time commitment and the PQ App is so easy to use. My favorite aspects were the "Yes, and" method, PQ reps, and learning about the Sage. I now cope better with stressful workdays. It was life-changing."

Anjali Singh, Certified Financial Planner™ & Financial Advisor in CA

"thought-provoking and intuitive"

"This program includes simple, everyday tips combined with a supportive accountability structure. The teachings are thought-provoking and intuitive. It brought to the forefront what I was neglecting in my life so that I could refocus on what was really important to me."

Mary Kay Miller, CEO in NY

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Behind the Scenes

I'm walking along one of our many "Peter Pan Paths" in the photo above. My husband created the first few from deer trails and continues to carve out more for us. The deer are especially appreciative of the new additions.