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Do you wish you had more balance in your life?

Do you take care of business before you take care of yourself?

Are you starting to realize that your accomplishments aren't bringing the happiness or satisfaction you thought they would? 

I know how that feels. And I also know how to relieve the limitations, pressures, and traumas you've accumulated over the years so that you can cherish every aspect of your life!

Collage of childhood scrapbook photos of Charis Santillie with her family
Charis Santillie between two oak trees, wearing a manta ray pendant
Collage of scrapbook photos of Charis Santillie with her family
Charis Santillie between two oak trees, wearing a manta ray pendant
Collage of scrapbook photos of Charis Santillie with her family
Collage of scrapbook photos of Charis Santillie with her family

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My Story

My childhood was beautiful—you could even call it idyllic

My parents supported me in everything I did. 

And I watched them work tirelessly to build a business from scratch that started in our kitchen. They won awards. They got to meet the President. 

I modeled after them and pushed myself to achieve a lot of things. 

Seriously, in high school alone, I was Valedictorian, Class President, "Most Artistic," and "Most Likely to Succeed."

The summer I turned 19, we celebrated my Dad’s 50th birthday with a hot air balloon ride. 

It was 107 degrees that day, and we almost didn’t go up. But we did, and we had a beautiful ride, and then all our lives changed when we tried to come down.

When we came in for the landing, we hit the ground hard, and the basket bounced. My Dad directed each of us to a corner for safety. I remember seeing him attempt to hold on to the side of the basket because there weren’t enough corners.

The pilot told us “Hold on tight. We’re gonna hit and we’re gonna hit hard.” 

This time, when we hit the ground, Dad was thrown out, and one of the ropes wrapped around his ankle. 

As the balloon went back up, he was dragged through corn and alfalfa fields.

I remember looking over the edge and seeing him hanging upside down below us. 

I was screaming, and the next thing I knew, we were on the ground racing over to him. He was face down, not moving.

When we turned him over, he was conscious and didn’t want to see me—his little girl—upset; so the first thing he said to me was, “You should see the other guy.”

This crash landing left my Dad with a broken neck, me with a broken heart, and my Mom coping through alcohol.

With my Dad paralyzed, everything changed.

My parents lost their business. They lost their home, their cars, and went bankrupt.

My Mom drank to numb her pain until her liver finally gave out on Thanksgiving Day, 19 years later.

During those years, fear showed up over and over for me.

I tried desperately to fix or save people around me. 

An illusion of control made me feel safe.

My innate ambition helped me become a successful entrepreneur, yet my own private paralysis and overachiever addiction ruled me.

From managing the development of high-stakes investor presentations in Silicon Valley – to launching my own graphic design business – to building my husband's orthodontic practice from scratch – to starting an orthodontic marketing company – to pioneering marketing technology...

I understand what it is like to live in a fast-paced world that leads to burnout and a secret longing for something different.

I remember the feelings I had after launching a new software product; I expected to be on cloud nine, but I wasn't, and I didn't know why.

At the time, I had no idea how much my sabotaging inner voices were standing between me and what really was possible.

I was a workaholic. I had chronic back pain. I was not awake in my life.

I finally started to hear whispers inside me calling for something more—and I began a quest for my best life. 

I discovered how to peel back my protective layers. 

And what I found buried deep was my beautiful spirit, waiting patiently for me to find her and set her free.

I spent ten years exploring all types of personal development and healing modalities, from the spiritual to the scientific.

I had to learn to trust myself. 

I had to learn how to convince my body and my brain that we could relax now—we don't need to stay afraid anymore.

I finally found the path of my inner peace and how to stay on it. 

That led me to become a life coach.

Now, I show the way to others.

What's your journey?
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Charis has a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, with a Minor in Mathematics, from the University of Puget Sound. She is a Certified Fearless Living Coach (CFLC), Certified Fearless Trainer (CFT), and Positive Intelligence® Trainer (PQT).

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Illustration of Charis Santillie waving hello with her dog beside her, and a hot air balloon and white clouds in the sky

Behind the Scenes

The center photo of me above was taken amongst the magnificent oak trees around my home. And the gold pendant I'm wearing is a Manta Ray, which is my favorite marine animal (and the way they glide...they are like the owls of the sea). My husband and I did a night dive off the coast of Hawaii years ago, and had stunning Mantas (with 15 foot wingspans) glide above us – they were so close to us that one of them even gently tapped Don on the head.

The other photos are favorite snapshots of me and my Mom and Dad (Diane and Paul), my brothers (Kirk and Kevin), and my husband (Don).