Charis Chats with Felicia Bender, Ph.D. – Numerology Update (5 Personal Year in a 7 Universal Year)

charis chats numerology Feb 03, 2023
Charis Santillie and Felicia Bender recording a podcast episode
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🎧 👉 Listen to this podcast episode #041 here 
or Watch the video here.

Numerology is one of the tools in my toolbox that help me feel more at ease and flow in my life.

2023 is a 7 Universal Year and a 5 Personal Year for me.

If you’re new to numerology, you may wonder what the heck that means…In this episode, Felicia Bender, Ph.D. and I chat in detail about these numbers in relation to this new year.

Felicia Bender - The Practical Numerologist® is devoted to helping audiences uncover their life's purpose - and so much more - with Numerology. She is the author of several books and is the resident numerologist for Felicia is a go-to numerology expert featured in many media outlets, including Refinery 29, Women’s Health, and more.

What You’ll Learn:

- What it means that 2023 is a 7 Universal Year
- How to know your personal year cycle through your date of birth
- My personal year and what it means for me in 2023

Join Felicia's Numerology for Entrepreneurs course here. The last day to sign up is on February 11, 2023.

🎧 👉 Listen to this podcast episode #041 here 
or Watch the video here.

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