Charis Chats with Felicia Bender, Ph.D. – Practical Numerology (on My Birthday!)

charis chats numerology Sep 07, 2022
Charis Santillie recording podcast episode: Charis Chats with Felicia Bender, Ph.D.
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🎧 👉 Have a listen to this FIRST-EVER Charis Chats bonus podcast episode! 
or Watch the video here.

First ever 'Charis Chats' bonus episode (on my birthday!)

Woohoo! In case you were wondering—yes, I am having guests on my show! These 'Charis Chats' will be Bonus episodes that will show up periodically as extra episodes so that you'll still get a solo regular weekly episode from me!

Today's guest, Felicia Bender, Ph.D. – The Practical Numerologist® is devoted to helping audiences uncover their life's purpose—and so much more—with Numerology.

I've had the pleasure of working with Felicia through her programs and one-on-one. I thought it would be especially fun to have this episode on my birthday since the day we were born and our birth names are the foundation of our numerology charts.

Felicia is the author of three books:

  • Redesign Your Life: Using Numerology to Create the Wildly Optimal You
  • Master Numbers 11, 22, 33: The Ultimate Guide
  • The Ultimate Guide to Practical Numerology: Mapping Your Path & Purpose

She is the resident numerologist for and is featured in many media outlets, including Refinery 29, Women’s Health, elephant journal, and more.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How understanding numerology is similar to understanding Morse code
  • How the different elements of your chart can help you understand what you’re here to do and how you’re going to do it
  • What the focal point is during different cycles of life
  • What the life path number is, and how to calculate it
  • Why knowing your personal year number and where you are in your nine-year cycles is like “knowing the theme to the party”
  • How fitting my numbers are to me and my journey

I hope you enjoy learning how numerology can be a practical guide while offering supportive validation of your life.

“Most people treat the present moment as if it were an obstacle that they need to overcome. Since the present moment is life itself, it is an insane way to live.” 

– Eckhart Tolle

🎧 👉 Have a listen to this FIRST-EVER Charis Chats bonus podcast episode! 
or Watch the video here.

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