Charis Chats with Jim Carlisle – A Balanced Life

#charischats #lifebalance Sep 29, 2022
Charis Santillie recording podcast episode: Charis Chats with Jim Carlisle
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'Charis Chats' bonus episode

Listen here to Charis Chats Bonus Podcast episode
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Charis Chats with Jim Carlisle about his experience with living a balanced life. Jim is an entrepreneur at heart. He owns multiple businesses and commercial and residential real estate parcels. Jim is also a partner in a National law firm with a focus on business/corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, and growth and exit/succession planning. He helps business owners plan for and engineer their exit transactions. He also is a health and wellness fanatic and a dedicated husband and father.

Click here to listen to my podcast episode #021.

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