Charis Chats with Nancy May – Eldercare Success

charis chats health Apr 22, 2024
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 Ensuring that our family members are well cared for often requires more than just love and patience—it really requires preparedness and understanding, especially in areas like long-term care planning and managing finances.

Join me as Nancy sheds light on critical aspects such as navigating care facility negotiations and the importance of clear leadership in decision-making. Nancy May brings a wealth of knowledge and support to family members managing the complexities of eldercare.

What you’ll learn:

  • The importance of preparedness
  • Quality of care facilities
  • Navigating family dynamics and decision-making
  • Practical aspects of caregiving
  • Emotional challenges and support networks

"They're putting their lives in your hands, and you don’t want that last day to be one filled with regret.”

 Nancy May

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