Charis Chats with Rick Hale – Stop Settling

charis chats Apr 01, 2024
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Rick Hale is the epitome of a modern-day Renaissance man. He’s an entrepreneur, author, musician, and artist, and is also an avid boater and fisherman. I’ve had the honor of supporting Rick as a coaching client, and I’m so excited for you to meet him!

Rick has a passion for building businesses and leading organizations and a deep desire to teach and inspire others. 

He built a Keller Williams real estate group of agencies that has 1500 agents who sold over 10,000 homes last year, exceeding $3 billion in volume.

Rick shares his life and business experiences in his book “Stop Settling – Finding Clear Directions for a Regret-Free Life.” 

He believes that the greatest success is to positively, purposefully, and permanently impact another human’s life, and he lives for the opportunity to do just that. His goal is to help others find true north by design and strategically – in all areas of life. 

In this episode, I chat with Rick about what it means to “stop settling” in various aspects of life. Our conversation sheds light on the importance of embracing change and pursuing growth instead of settling for mediocrity.

What you’ll learn:

  • Rick’s story of personal transformation from a turbulent, challenging childhood to a fulfilling life of significance
  • Key messages from Rick’s book "Stop Settling" 
  • How Rick, at age 26, was told he had a “distinct lack of failure” in his life and what that meant to him
  • What key insights Rick gained through coaching with Charis, and why he chose to work with her

"Success is more about significance.”

Rick Hale

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