Charis Chats with Tarla Makaeff – Hypnotherapy

charis chats Jul 26, 2023
Charis Santillie and Tarla Makaeff recording a podcast episode
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🎧 👉 Listen to this Charis Chats podcast episode #067 here 
or Watch the video here.

Tarla Makaeff, the Copy Queen and Beverly Hills Hypnotist, is a bestselling author, digital course creator, online business and life coach, and certified hypnotherapist, who helps creative, heart-centered women start their own purpose-filled businesses online and scale their brand with copy that converts while increasing their self-love.

In this episode, Tarla chats with Charis specifically about all aspects of hypnotherapy.

What You’ll Learn:
- Tarla's personal healing journey and her mission to help others heal and create the life they desire
- The role of hypnotherapy in addressing unconscious blocks and traumas that hinder personal growth
- Clarification of common misconceptions about hypnosis, debunking ideas of mind control, and stage hypnosis
- Understanding hypnotherapy as a natural, relaxed state of focused awareness, similar to daydreaming or reading
- Differentiating guided meditation from hypnotherapy, highlighting the induction process and regression techniques used in hypnosis sessions

“ Every word you say is a blueprint that your mind, body, and psyche want to make a reality.” 

– Marisa Peer, world-renowned hypnotherapist

🎧 👉 Listen to this podcast episode #067 here 
or Watch the video here.

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