Getting Ready to be Ready

Oct 30, 2023
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🎧 👉 Prefer audio? You can also listen to me share about this in podcast episode #081 here.

Sometimes, you’re not immediately ready to address certain issues and have uncomfortable conversations, and that's perfectly fine. There’s value in considering your own readiness regarding timing, self-trust, and giving yourself permission to prepare.

I was recently listening to a recording of Esther and Abraham Hicks talking with someone at one of their events, and they said that she was "getting ready to be ready, to be ready, to be ready." That really clicked with me, like, "Ah, yes, I just did that."

The person they said this to was someone who realized she needed to have a conversation with another person, although she wasn't quite ready to have it.

 That happened to me this year, yet I eventually said what I needed to say, and I was able to do it kindly and confidently.

I feel a lot of relief from going through that moment. Yet, it took me months to get there. And the point of me sharing this is that there's nothing wrong with that delay.

I was not ready, but I was getting ready to be ready to be ready to be ready to be ready. I gave myself permission to get into the right space so that I could come across in my best way.

Sometimes, things come up that need to be addressed with another person, and you can say them fairly quickly and move on. And sometimes there's more processing to do. Sometimes, it takes time. You need to give yourself a few days, or weeks, or months, or years. You may need to give yourself permission to get ready to be ready. (And to be clear, I'm not condoning putting something off that is causing you harm. Please quickly seek out the support you need in regard to any relationship that is causing you harm. In this post, I'm not talking about that type of situation.)

Practice trusting yourself to find the timing that will be best for you.

Oh, and be aware of when you let your worries about other people's reactions dictate what you do and don't say.

Yes, you can consider their potential reaction. Yet, sometimes, accept that you'll never feel like you're ready, and you could wait your life away from speaking up, taking care of yourself, being honest in your relationships, and expressing what you need and what you're feeling. I am certainly not advocating for putting things off that would genuinely benefit you. I am advocating for giving yourself permission at times to get ready. Trust that you'll know when you need to take that time and when you don't.

Maybe for one situation, you "need to get ready to be ready." In another situation, you may need more time so that you can "get ready to be ready, to be ready, to be ready, to be ready, to be ready, to be ready," to address something. It's your life. You get to choose your timing.

“Whatever you're ready for is ready for you.” 

– Mark Victor Hansen

🎧 👉 Prefer audio? You can also listen to me share about this in podcast episode #081 here.

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