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animation hot air balloon my story video Jan 20, 2022
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I was born with ambition. My parents were entrepreneurs and I pushed myself to be High-School Valedictorian, Class President, "Most Artistic" and "Most Likely to Succeed".

The summer I turned 19, we celebrated my Dad’s 50th birthday with a hot air balloon ride. A crash-landing left him with a broken neck, me with a broken heart, and my Mom coping through alcohol.

👇 Click on the video below to watch a 1-minute animation I personally created to share my story.

My relentless ambition supported me to become a successful entrepreneur, yet my own private paralysis and overachiever addiction ruled me.

I finally ventured on a quest for my best life. I found the path of my inner peace, how to stay on it & how to show the way for others. 

Now it’s your turn.

Ready to take that load off your shoulders?

Join me so you can Charis Your Life!

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