Your Thoughts vs The Truth

growth life balance perspective truth May 22, 2023
Charis Santillie wearing a butterfly shirt
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🎧 👉 Prefer audio? You can also listen to me share about this in podcast episode #058 here.

I recently stumbled upon a few pieces of paper from about three years ago when I was shedding some additional layers of my busyness. It's like peeling an onion—I had made huge progress and yet found myself having some repeating, frustrating thoughts and needed to recalibrate.

As I read through those old notes, I couldn't help but think that I'm not the only one who's had these thoughts. Given the work I do now in helping people find their own life balance and inner harmony, I knew these words might resonate with you too. So, let me share what I wrote back then, and I have a feeling you might relate.

Here are the swirling THOUGHTS that I wrote down on one piece of paper:

I work too much.
I ignore my feelings.
I hate my drive to stay busy.
I can't sit still.
I must be perfect.
I am ready to change.
I'm scared of continuing to work too much.
I feel stuck.
I need to stay busy.
I want to be happy.
I am tired.

Can you relate to any of those?

On another sheet, I shifted my focus to the TRUTH:

The truth is...

I am working shifting for my greater good.
I wasn’t ready to process my feelings.
I have created amazing things due to my drive and passion.
I choose to believe I can find my stillness.

I choose connection over perfection.
I am changing.
I am creating a new way of being. I am coming out of a cocoon. It may be messy.
I need peace of mind and trust is my way through.
I want joy.
Change requires energy.

How did those truths make you feel? They certainly made me feel better than the loop of self-sabotaging thoughts did.

We have so many thoughts each day—around 60,000!

It's time to challenge those thoughts and discover the truth within.

The truth is that we are constantly shifting and evolving. Sometimes, we're not ready to confront our emotions, and that's okay. Our drive and passion can lead us to create incredible things. They are not flaws to be condemned. Stillness is attainable, and it's a skill we can cultivate.

Change is an ongoing process, much like the metamorphosis of a butterfly.
(pictured below: I'm spreading my "wings")

We go through one transition only to face another. And with each transformation, we release more of what no longer serves us. We grow, and that growth brings us greater joy.

Of course, there are moments when we might find ourselves slipping back into old patterns. We question why we're repeating certain behaviors or thoughts. But if we dig deeper, we'll realize we're not the same person as before. We've grown. We've shed layers of our former selves. And that's something to celebrate.

Personally, I've witnessed how much I've changed over the years. The way I handle my thoughts and emotions has improved. I've honed techniques and gained new skills. I can process my uncomfortable emotions faster than ever before, experiencing shifts in compressed timelines.

When I reflect on where I was a year ago, two years ago, or even five years ago, I'm blown away by the progress I've made.

Change is possible for you too.

By simply reading this blog, you're already on the path of shifting and creating a new way of being. And if no one has told you lately, let me be the one to say it: You're doing so great!

Your thoughts are powerful, but they are not the truth. Embrace the journey, challenge those sabotaging thoughts, and welcome the beautiful transformation that awaits.

“Breathe, it’s just a bad day, not a bad life.” 

– Unknown

🎧 👉 Prefer audio? You can also listen to me share about this in podcast episode #058 here.

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